If you prepare for a massage session, the benefits of massage are increased manifolds. We all love massage for its great healing properties. They help keep our stress and anxiety levels to a minimum and thus keep us active and productive all day long. Regular massage has visible benefits on not just mental but also the physical health of our body. The preparation does not have to be any long drawn affair, it just means you have to follow these simple steps and prepare yourself mentally and physically to maximize benefit from the session.

Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

How to prepare for a massage session: 5 useful ways

You must hydrate yourself before and immediately after the massage session. Massage helps in breaking down the build-up of toxins in the stressed muscles and water would flush those toxins out easily. Apart from plain water, you can go for herbal teas as well. But refrain from taking caffeinated drinks or alcohol. Due to increased blood circulation during the massage, caffeinated drinks and alcohol would travel much faster in your bloodstream and remains there longer. This is the foremost and the most important step to prepare for a massage session.

Eat Light

It is advised to eat a light meal before your massage session because you do not want to have a noisy stomach during the session. Grab a fruit or some light food if you are really hungry. This is not a compulsory step though, but just a precaution to save you from being embarrassed.

Wear light and comfortable clothing

Wearing loose clothes would make you feel relaxed. Since you would be required to undress during massage sessions; wearing loose clothing would keep you at ease and you can only remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable in. It would save you from undressing completely. Post the massage session, wearing loose clothes would keep you relaxed. This is the best advice you can get on how to prepare for a massage session.

Relax and communicate well

How to prepare for a massage session: 5 useful ways

It is important that you are totally relaxed before you go for a massage session. During the session, communicate your needs to your therapist. This is the time when you should tell them about specific issues that your encounter such as muscle tightness, or areas where you need special attention. You must also share about any allergies that you might be suffering from. Hiding things from your massage therapist is never a good idea. Share your feedback and do not shy away from asking questions about the techniques they might be using and the benefits they provide. It is probably the most important step to prepare for a massage session.

Arrive in Advance

Remember to show up 10-15 minutes earlier than your massage appointment. It would help you relax easily and settle in. You would have ample time to feel at ease. There is a possibility that if you reach at the last moment, you may face difficulty in acclimatizing to the environment. Therefore, always make sure to show up earlier, talk to people, grab some water, freshen up, so you are well relaxed.

Massage is a great experience for one’s body and mind. If you truly wish to get the maximum benefit out of your massage session, keep these points in mind. It is there for your comfort and relaxation. Self-consciousness and anxiety are two factors that prevent most people from opening up freely during a massage session. Don’t worry thinking you’d judged for whatever shape, size, and color, or any personal trait. Follow this guide and we are sure it would help you experience your massage session in a much better manner. Book an appointment with us and we would make sure you thoroughly enjoy yourselves.

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