Reflexology is an alternative form of therapy that employs the application of gentle pressure on certain pressure points of the hand and feet. The technique works on the principle that each part of your hand and feet corresponds to a specific organ of the body. Stimulating these specific pressure points supposedly works well for these organs and the entire body.

In foot reflexology, each foot corresponds to each side of the body, the left foot for the left part and the right foot for the right side of the body. There are certain pressure points on each foot and hand that help relieve chronic pain and improve a person’s overall health.

Here are certain areas, practitioners generally target while performing reflexology therapy on you.

For Headaches

Tai Chong point is the point on the tendon between the first and the second toe. Pressing on this is supposed to reduce your stress levels. It is also believed that pressing on this area can help reduce headaches considerably. Another pressure point called Kun Lun point, the hollow between the highest point on the bony bump outside of the ankle and Achilles’ tendon is also an important acupoint for relieving headaches.

For Cramping and Pain

Tai Chong point, as discussed before, is a suitable acupoint for all sorts of pain. For women, undergoing menstruation, pressing on this point can relax the abdominal muscles and help in easing out the menstrual pain.

For Arthritis

A pressure point called Tai Xi is a spot between the Achilles tendon and the top of the inner bony bump of your ankle. Pressing on this point helps with lower back pain and knees. These two are usually the worst affected areas in patients suffering from arthritis.

For Lumbar Pain

Kun Lin is the hollow between the highest point of the bony bump and the Achilles tendon. Another point called Zu Lin Qi, present on the exterior side of the foot about a third of the way from the last toe is also a good acupoint for curing Lumbar pain. Lumbar pain usually affects the lower back of the body and many women suffer from Lumbar pain. This treatment can help women deal with this pain effectively.

For Leg Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps usually occur after heavy exercising because Lactic Acid begins to accumulate in the muscles. Applying pressure at the Xing Jian point, located in the skin between the big toe and the second toe and Zun Lin Qi has a soothing effect on the muscles of the legs and helps with the cramping.

Remember, not to press too hard on any of these points. Also, pressing must be done in intervals of 15- 20 seconds only and must be repeated 2-3 times for effective results. Pressing on the acupoints for longer duration may have a counter-productive effect. Having said all of this, it is advisable that the treatment be left to skilled professionals only. Get in touch with our experts for a comforting session of reflexology.

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