As we age, our bodies gradually become weak and many age-related symptoms like brittle bones, weak muscles, joint ailments ranging from minor stiffness to severe arthritis, or even stooped posture begin to appear. These changes sometimes cause excruciating pain and are difficult to deal with for aged people. This is where massage therapy comes in. Massage helps in alleviating the pain related to these symptoms to a great extent. Here are a few benefits that the elderly may experience when they chose to go for regular massage therapy.

Increases blood flow to the limbs

Massage improves the flow of blood within the body. With aging, good circulation is impacted. Good blood circulation ensures better functioning of the body’s internal organs like the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Improves gait

Gait basically refers to our style of movement. As we age, the body loses its sense of balance, and the chances of us falling increase. With regular massage, the gait can be improved so the elderly can comfortably walk.

Reduced stiffness

With inactivity during old age, the muscles and bones tend to become stiffer and harder. Massage softens them and reduces muscle tension.

Reduces arthritic pain

Mainly old aged people complain of severe joint pains that can be a result of underlying arthritic conditions. Regular massage can reduce the discomfort significantly allowing them to move around comfortably. It helps patients suffering from arthritis.

Stimulates the nervous system

Massage therapy releases endorphins that stimulate the nervous system. Research has suggested that endorphins have a positive impact on our body as they enhance the working of the immune system, reduce stress, and retard the aging process.

Improves flexibility

Massage therapy relaxes the muscles and reduces the tightness which is caused as a result of inactivity during old age. It improves flexibility allowing old individuals to perform a wide range of motion effortlessly.

Improves quality of sleep

Massage is relaxing, there are no two ways about it. Research has proven that massage alleviates the symptoms of dementia. It significantly improves the quality of sleep in individuals of all age groups.

Mental well-being

The benefits of massage extend well beyond the physical aspects. The massage generally makes the elderly feel happy and content. The touch of a massage releases happy hormones in the body, boosting their mood and uplifting the energy levels in the body.

Massage is good for the physical, mental, and physiological well-being of a person. Elders deserve care too! Hope these pointers would compel you to recommend your loved ones for regular massage therapy.

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