People who could benefit greatly from a massage often talk themselves out of getting one. Various people assume that a massage will not address their problem, at least not in the long term, because of the many myths surrounding massage treatment. For example, it’s common for people to believe that massages are uncomfortable and that they can ask anyone to “work the kink” out of their lower backs. This is completely untrue, and I’d want to dispel a few prevalent myths.

Since ancient times, people have utilized massage as a remedy for pain and as a way to unwind. Massage is still popular since it has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective. In addition, some people find spiritual solace in the experience, and others find it traumatic.

Make sure you don’t base your decision on any of these myths before determining if a massage is right for you.

Massages are identical

Untrue! There is never a massage that is the same as the last. Even in our facility, each massage therapist has their own approach to the practice. While some massage therapists focus on relaxation, others focus on medical treatment. Even if you see the same therapist, you may discover a new problem requiring a different massage approach at your next appointment.

It’s only effective if you feel sore the next day

Not at all! There are several factors to consider when it comes to post-massage soreness, such as the type of massage therapist, how your body responds to massage, and the depth of the massage. Soreness after a massage is entirely natural, but it’s also perfectly acceptable to feel no pain. The effectiveness of a massage can be judged by criteria such as reduced pain, improved range of motion, and less tightness.

Pregnancy is not the time for a massage

The medical establishment has never disproven this widespread misconception. The first trimester of pregnancy might be not the right time for some women; therefore, many choose to avoid massage. However, throughout the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, massage can help ease many of the discomforts associated with the pregnancy process.

Massage removes fat and cellulite

This massage myth has no medical validity, either. To get rid of fat and cellulite, exercise and a good diet are the only ways to go, but massage can help alleviate some post-workout effects.

Relaxation is the only purpose of massage

Relaxation and medical benefits are among the many uses of massage. Massage is a terrific stress reliever, but it may also be used to cure muscle strains and headaches. Many medical disorders can be alleviated by massage, which doctors frequently suggest. When it comes to our massages, most are medicinal.

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