Reflexology is a holistic therapy that supplements multiple treatments. It is been practiced for more than a thousand years around the world and has been a very popular technique in some countries as an alternative treatment for many conditions. The treatment has the ability to improve nerve function by increasing blood circulation in the body. A few sessions of reflexology will benefit anyone. A session of the reflexology is a great way to stock up your body, mind, and soul. It involves applying pressure to reflex points that are present on your hands and feet.

Five major benefits of a Reflexology sessions

Reflexology is a therapy that uses gentle pressure at explicit points which correspond to different parts of the body. There are multiple benefits of practicing Reflexology when done by a certified practitioner. We are listing a few of them below.

Reduction in stress and anxiety

This pressure exerted in a Reflexology session elevates clogged circulation in the body. Unblocking nerve result in re-balancing the endocrine and lymphatic system.

A reflexology expert exerts pressure at different points such as webbing in between the thumb and index finger. On your legs and feet, the pressure is exerted below the intersection of your big toe and the second. An expert would know where the pressure points lie. A session is bound to take the tension off the body resulting in reduced stress and anxiety.

Stimulate nerve function

Reflexology is designed to work well with the central nervous system. The pressure applied triggers signals from the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. This instructs the body to adjust the balance for optimum function and increase blood supply. Pressure applied at various points on your feet helps in treating nervous disorders too.

Relives pain

Pain is a subjective experience created by the brain of a human body.  Reflexology can reduce pain by reducing stress and improving the overall mood. 

Increase energy

The human body has a good amount of energy flowing. This energy can be harnessed and channelized with the help of reflexology. Reflexology works on the principle of de-congestion of energy which leads to inefficiencies in bodily functions. Reflexology helps keep the energy flowing.

Boost the immune system

Reflexology as a practice has the ability to induce rigor in the body. This rigor, if coupled with balanced diets and general exercise can boost the immune system and improving the overall quality of life. Drinking ample water after treatment helps in removing toxins from the body. Studies point toward boosting metabolism, improvement in the power of the brain, and removal of toxins from the body. 

It is essential to improve dietary habits and general social well-being such as getting ample sleep and regular exercises in order to achieve meaningful results from a reflexology treatment. 

No matter you already know about the benefits of reflexology and are looking for a certified reflexology professional in Montreal or are someone who just discovered the practice and wants to know more about the treatment, feels free to have a word with us.

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