Massages for pain relief are a great idea for someone dealing with stress and pain. It relaxes the muscle tissues by increasing oxygen flow towards them. This results in an improved oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscle tissues. Massage therapy is also known to reduce nerve compression.

The hustle and bustle of urban life leave us prone to stress, anxiety, or even body ache and postural problems. Massage is a wonderful way of getting rid of these problems. However, with the different kinds of massages that are available today, it becomes difficult to understand which massage would be the best suited for our unique set of problems. Here is a list of the five best forms of massage that would help you identify the one best suited for you.

Heat Stone Massage

This is a very popular form of massage used for relieving muscle tension and pain. The masseur/masseuse makes use of heated stones to make long heated strokes in the direction of the heart. The stones are kept on different areas of the body. Tapping and vibration-based motions with the stones help in relieving tension from stiff muscles. This form of massage helps in improving the flow of blood to the affected muscle and hence alleviates pain. It is one of the best massages for pain relief.

massages for pain relief

Trigger Points Massage

These are the best type of massage for people dealing with chronic pain. This massage therapy has a target-centric approach. Some trigger points are formed in our skeletal muscles that can be painful. In this type of massage, these tight areas of the muscles are targeted by applying deeper and greater pressure. There can be some inconvenience or pain while you get this massage, but it does show long-term relief from pain. It is one of the most common massages for pain relief.

Thai Massage

By this technique, energy flows through a person’s body via a particular pathway. These lines of pathways are called sens. The practitioners apply pressure using their hands and fingers on these pathways to increase the flow of energy. A combination of stretching and pressure makes this an effective massage against chronic pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is a rigorous form of massage that targets the stiff areas of the muscle tissue. This massage involves the application of greater pressure on the muscles using palms and fingers. Since the pressure is higher than normal, it can sometimes cause a little discomfort. But this massage, hands down delivers the most promising results when it comes to curing the body ache.

Swedish Massage

It is among the most popular massages therapies. This massage involves gentle pressure on the muscles. It also involves long sweeping strokes along the muscle length with rhythmic tapping motion at some places. Such movements provide relief to the body.

Massage therapy can provide substantial relief from pain. The general idea behind massage therapy for pain relief is targeting the affected muscle or tissue which causes pain. The mode of action may vary from massage to massage. The therapies generally involve the application of pressure, which can sometimes cause a little discomfort. But it is meant to heal and not cause further pain. You must not shy away from asking your therapist to be more sensitive in their approach. Massage therapy provides not just physical but also physiological benefits. It is an accepted form of treatment with numerous benefits. Studies have indicated that massage therapy can help in overcoming anxiety.  

So, next time you plan to go for a therapy session, do not forget to check the various options available and the kind of benefits they provide.

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